Project for children ages 7-22 years who use LEGO® Education to build solutions that are used in a particular industry.

Time needed:

  • creating robots is scheduled for about 1.5 hours,


The level of difficulty of the project - medium:

  • children aged 7-10 - assistance of an adult or work in a mixed group, where there is a child over 10 years old, is indicated
  • children aged 11-16 - target group, it is possible for children to work alone or with peers
  • children over 16 - the time needed to build individual robots: about 1 hour.


List of blocks necessary to conduct the workshops:

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS 45544 EV3 Education
  • 4 x wheel 94.3 x 38R -  Serial number of tire: 92912
  • Serial number of rim: 15038
  • for each vehicle 4 pcs


Workshops variation:

As part of the project there is an introduction to the construction of mining robots. A 10-15 minute introduction was prepared on the subject of exploration of raw materials, general construction of mines and their use in everyday equipment. This short lecture was combined with a knowledge quiz. According to our observation it is in a very good way to introduce children to the subject classes.

We suggest you to prepare your independent short lecture in relation to the mining history of your area.

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